Travel like the king of Saudi Arabia


In March of this year, the King of Saudi Arabia flew to Indonesia on 36 aircraft with a delegation of 1,500 people. On earth, the monarch was guarded by 10 thousand police officers and 100 personal bodyguards. On the trip, the king took with him 459 tons of luggage, two Mercedes S600 limousines and two gilded escalators, which were used as plane ramps. On the beach, the monarch used his own elevator, and 150 chefs prepared halal food for the king.


In the Land of the Rising Sun, the Saudi king rented 500 limousines to move around Tokyo. In addition, the monarch wished to book more than 1,200 rooms on the top floors in the highest hotels in Tokyo for himself and his suite.


Gold is the best friend of kings. In China, the monarch and his retinue arrived at 6 gilded boeing and descended from a personal gold ladder.


In the Maldives, the monarch sailed on a 7-deck yacht with a length of 139 meters (10th largest in the world). It has a hospital, a private office of the king and golden bathrooms, and the yacht is serviced by hundreds of personnel. To where was to spend the night in the Maldives, the king bought in advance an atoll from 18 personal islands.


On a state visit, the Saudi king arrived in Moscow for the first time on October 4. The king is accompanied by 1,500 retinue people, including 10 ministers and 25 princes. Not without curiosities: the escalator broke down during the descent of the monarch, so the rest of the way he had to overcome on his own. In the capital, the monarch settled down with familiar comfort: he completely bought all five-star hotels in the centre of Moscow for himself and his suite, and also rented a 500-meter room in Moscow with a view of the Kremlin for 1 million rubles. All hotels are closed to the entrance for all but the guests and staff. For the king, the interiors of the hotels were changed and the carpets from Riyadh costing several hundred thousand dollars were spread out.

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