This is not a poplar_ trees that are impressive

Yes, they have no legs and eyes, but they tirelessly give us oxygen and live much longer than any animal. Their shapes and sizes can also be dumbfounded, the calm beauty of the bends can make you fall in love, and age will make you think about how short the age of a person is. Today we will talk about some amazing trees that you just want to hug and stand quietly nearby.


Many people know that the tallest trees on earth grow in California are sequoias, long-livers, whose age reaches 2000 years. When you look upwards at such a giant, respect and awe are mixed in the soul, so it is not surprising that the largest and oldest trees have names. Record for height called “Hyperion”, its height is 115.6 meters. “Titan Del Norte” is a little lower, only 93 meters, but it has expanded in breadth and is considered the most voluminous tree among the sequoias. And here’s another interesting fact that makes you look at the trees differently. Among the redwood trees are albino trees, because of genetic mutations, their needles are white, not green. Albinos are not capable of photosynthesis, but they are intertwined with neighbouring redwoods, and they share nutrients, thus supporting their life!


Remember the tree of Ava’s life from the Avatar movie? It actually exists and grows in Japan in Ashikaga Flower Park. His age is about 150 years old, and his crown area is nearly 2000 square meters of the dense carpet of branches with flowering down flowers. Wisteria or wisteria, as it appears in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, is a large woody vine, which is very often used in landscape design and decorative gardening. On its one trunk, the entire magnificent crown cannot be held; therefore, it is supported by steel supports, which, however, do not spoil the fabulous impression at all, but, on the contrary, supplement it with a soft backlight. At the end of March, wisteria dissolves with a billion tiny purple flowers and fills the air with a sweet scent.


Boxwood is one of the oldest ornamental plants with a thick lush crown and brilliant dark green foliage. The first mentions of him are found in ancient literature, and in Abkhazia, there is a saying “Even the box does not remember,” meaning that some events took place a very long time ago. Trees do not differ in large size, boxwoods grow only up to 12 meters in height, but their branches grow in bizarre bends, intertwining with each other. And boxwood is called the “iron tree” because its wood is the densest in the world, it does not burn and sinks in water. It is thanks to this property that boxwood groves are transformed after the death of trees: the trunks and branches for many years do not crack and do not fall, but instead acquire a soft green moss. In the micro-district Matsesta of the city of Sochi and in Abkhazia there are dense shady boxwood groves, walking along which, it seems,

Rainbow eucalyptus

Bright and colourful are not only crowns and flowers, but also the trunks themselves. The rainbow eucalyptus looks as if the mischievous artist took oil paints and swept the trunk in red, orange, blue and green with sweeping movements. The thing is that the bark of this tree is constantly updated. Young, it is painted in bright green, then darkens with time, turns blue, then violet, then turns into a red-orange shade and finally exfoliates. The process of changing layers takes place gradually in different parts of the trunk, thanks to which a coloured mosaic is created on its surface. Rainbow eucalyptus grows in wet forests and is especially common in Hawaii. It decorates most of the botanical gardens of the tropical belt, you can see and touch it in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.


Imagine an African savannah and a few trees on the horizon. The probability that baobabs have appeared in your imagination is almost one hundred per cent. A huge massive pillar, the top of which is decorated with a green branched cap can be called a symbol of Africa, although baobabs grow on other continents. These trees are considered the thickest in the world – they grow up to 8 meters in diameter to hold such a trunk hand in hand, you need fifteen people. Such a thick trunk is needed to accumulate moisture and survive the dry season, but because of the high water content, it often has a fungus that eats away inside the hole and hollow. However, the baobab is very tenacious, it continues to bloom and bear fruit, even being completely hollow inside. By the way, a man came up with a special use for such trees – there are two baobab trees in Australia, which at the beginning of the XIX century were used as transfer prisons, the criminals were simply locked at night inside a tree. The age of baobab is difficult to determine, as there are no growth rings in its wood. Careful estimates of scientists say about 1000 years, but at the same time, radiocarbon analysis showed that the age of a tree with a diameter of 4.5 meters is more than 4500 years.

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