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If you are looking for the best hiking backpacks under 100 euros and good quality, we recommended for traveling long distances such as Thailand, Mexico, India, as well as for short trips through Spain, Italy, Sweden or Hungary, you are in luck! Because you have arrived at the right place. If there is something that we all have clear, it is that without a backpack there would be no backpackers, a “species” that is increasing and that they are recognized for their way of traveling, enjoy life every second while in constant contact with nature.

Without further delay, let’s do this, we will analyze the different options with real comments on the backpacks, from users who have tried them on trips and trips to the mountain.

There are also good travel backpacks and suitcases of well-known brands recommended to travel to the backpacker such as SamsoniteNorth Face, Columbus, Osprey, Millet, … in stores such as El Corte Ingles, Decathlon, Carrefour, … but their prices are not at anyone’s reach, Therefore, today we will see some types of backpacks to travel that we can buy on Amazon for very little money and made with good material, although eye! Before buying, you always have to read POSITIVE and not-so-positive opinions very well, something that I look at a lot in the Online world.

To do this it has to be light, comfortable,  cheap, and if we can take it in the cabin of the plane as hand luggage much better! Taking into account all these requirements, I have prepared a complete list that will help you choose the best Amazon travel backpack for backpacking.

TOP # 1 – MountainTop 40 Liters – € 39.98

Although this blue color is very practical for you to see well if you travel at night or hitchhiking, it is also available in a lot of colors. This backpack is MountainTop mountain brand, has a maximum capacity of 40 liters  (it is ultralight only weighs 820 grams ), measures 55 x 35 x 25 cm. If our mission is to buy a travel backpack to NOT BILL on the plane using it as hand luggage this model is perfect! especially for small trips of a few days (it can be used as a suitcase/hand luggage in most low-cost airlines such as Vueling, Ryanair, Iberia Express or EasyJet). In it, we can put our laptop and other accessories without fear of running out of space.

It incorporates zip fasteners, practical pockets/bags at the bottom, fastening bands for sack or mat, side bottle holder, design for men and women (unisex),  padded lumbar backrest and is waterproof, without doubt, one of the best backpacks trip for short and long distances or just to go camping.

It is small but very bullies! There is also a version of this 80-liter backpack that is sold as churros also for mountain fans, a real bargain for only € 85.98.

Opinions :

  • Perfect size for day trips or a few days. It has many hooks and compartments to differentiate all the material.
  • It is very complete and portable. We are facing a backpack that has many possibilities, brings a large number of pockets, has a beautiful design and the zippers and materials are of good quality.
  • Includes to tie around the chest and waist, and thus avoid uncomfortable back pain. The chest tie includes a survival whistle integrated with the orange closure.

TOP # 2 – Belvie 601 Macutos 60 liters – € 59

If you are looking for a travel backpack to travel as a backpacker through Thailand or Europe for several months, this Belvie brand is yours, as it is very large and spacious. A 60-liter backpack made of special water and wear-resistant nylon.

It features side straps double compression, side zipper bags, ring coupling rods, main compartment for clothes, back padded with slots for air circulation,  fastening band on the chest and a wide range of colors to choose from, although this version in black with blue is the one I like the most. Also, if we have a small tent we can put it in.

When you see the images of the product you have the feeling of durability and robustness, a travel or trekking backpack that will surely last for years with hard and intense use, designed for both men and women. Besides, we must have free space for our clothes, the battery external, the laptop, our sports camera, a small homemade kit and the odd thing else.


  • Lifetime backpacks, ready to carry a large number of things.
  • These travel backpacks perform their functions properly. Good quality, good price – product ratio. 

TOP # 3 – Highlander Discovery 45 Liters – € 46.28

We are facing the best backpack to travel the Highlander brand that meets the requirements we are looking for, a cheap travel backpack that serves us both to travel by plane without billing to do all the stages of the Camino de Santiago and some What another route down the mountain.

It has a padded belt, large compartments of easy access, cane ring and rain cover. It also has a system called Airmesh that allows air to run down our back and prevent sweat. It is made of high strength polyester to withstand long walks and the passage of time. It has measures that make it perfect for not billing with low-cost companies: 23 x 29 x 68 cm (weight of 1.4 Kg).

We can acquire it in sizes of 45, 65, 85 Liters and different colors: blue, gray or red. We can see that it is on sale, so you can get one of the best travel bags at the price of laughter at Amazon. FREE shipping for premium accounts.


  • Ideal for light luggage, valid for traveling by plane without a check-in.
  • I bought the 45L bag to be able to trek or fly without having to check-in. For both things, he meets comfortably.
  • The outer fabric is a resistant type, the interior can be divided into three zones, which can be comfortably accessed from the outside.

TOP # 4 – AspenSport Mount Cook 65 Liters – € 49

This Mount Cook backpack belongs to the AspenSport brand, known in history for manufacturing backpacks for backpacks, has a maximum capacity of 65 L  with adjustable height up to 75 cm and an approximate weight of 2 kg. It is designed for long trips or mountain crossings of several days thanks to its back padding that prevents back pain.

Although in the description of the product does not put it, the backpacks include a rain cover that prevents the passage of water to our luggage.


  • Comfortable travel backpack with enough capacity for a few days. Good mark.
  • Robust, functional, and with the ability to store everything, sack, store, mat, stove, and mute food for days.

TOP # 5 – Lixada 50 Liters – € 25.99

It is the cheapest travel backpack but also the prettiest. It has everything we can ask for, good aesthetic presence, design for men and women (unisex), 50 liters of free space, easily passable as cabin luggage for traveling by plane or camping, can be used by children and has a price Wow! A really good purchase.

It has some practical rubber bands for hiking sticks (not all of them carry it), a very fashionable casual design to take it daily with your matching sports shoes, and lots of hiding places to store things. For the price and size it has, it can be used both to travel and to go to the mountain to walk.

This type of product has nothing to envy to suitcases, nor point of comparison! Your comfort and versatility do not change them for anything.


  • Spacious and comfortable, countless pockets to store things. Perfect size for hiking and getaways. Very nice, good gift.
  • The only negative: no structure and all ready to order, the hole for a water bag.
  • I see the seams resistant, it is a matter of kilometers to see the durability, but in principle the pretty good sensations.

Forclaz 40 Decathlon [TOP # 6?]

Although this travel backpack cannot be purchased at Amazon, I have left for the end what I considered one of the best backpacks to travel only with hand luggage, the Forclaz 40 of the Decathlon (the gray one I show in the photo), without I doubt the backpack that has traveled the most trips, hiking trails and adventures with me.

But I no longer recommend it as a backpack to travel in having in recent years a new design, which has become in my opinion more uncomfortableless practical and more fragile, hopefully, they do not make their products of worse quality, it would be a shame for loyal users to all its brands.

How to know if it is a perfect travel backpack?

It is a very difficult question to answer, each one has special needs and you will have to look for one that suits yours. To help you in this process I detail below the most important points to have when it comes to buying a backpack to travel (or for the mountain).

Choose size

Travel light or loaded? If you measure 1.70 and weigh 60 kilos do not buy an 80-liter backpack charging it to the fullest, your back will be destroyed. Half of the things on a list before you start traveling are not going to use them, the traveler’s first law. Also, the smaller it is, the easier it will be to load it as cabin luggage on the plane (very useful for low-cost Ryanair, Vueling or Easyjet style companies).

In addition to all this, we must leave free space for our spare clothes, the external battery, the laptop, our sports camera, a small homemade kit, and the odd spot.

And now you wonder, how to know your backpack size? Very easy, tell your cousin, your friend or your brother-in-law to take a tape measure from the seamstress and measure your back, it is important to measure the correct area (from the top of the hip to the base of the neck. With these measures In your hand, you can now buy a backpack according to your back.

IMPORTANT: I have seen on several occasions girls and boys of thin build with 1.50 meters high as much as they travel for the first time backpackers and buy a huge backpack of 60-80 liters. As Emilio de LQSA would say: ” a little please!” Back you only have one, it has to last a lifetime, take care of it.

Best suitcase or travel backpack?

Ufff … difficult question. There are times when carrying things in a wheeled suitcase is more comfortable, but everything will depend on the type of person you are and especially on the type of trip you are going to do.

But do not go crazy, if your trip is for work or a ride, buy a suitcase with wheels, if it is for an adventure, it is best to buy a backpack to travel. You should also know that there are travel backpacks with wheels, a middle ground that there will be someone who likes, of course not;)

Backpack brands

That some companies spend millions of euros on advertising does not mean that the product is better. In this selection that I have made in this article, you have some models with super low prices but of good quality, they have nothing to envy to better-known mountain or trekking brands. If we all had money, we would buy North FaceColumbusMammutMilletSalomon or Totto, but in these times … 

With all the data and ideas that I just gave you, you just have to assemble the equipment correctly, backpacking trips now know much better 🙂

Remember one very important thing, some airlines (not all) now allow a free second bag for a fanny pack, shoulder bag or bags.

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