Sports camps for adults_ as in childhood, only better

It’s not so difficult to include physical activity and proper nutrition in your regular schedule, but each time before going on vacation, the question arises: “How not to go the distance?” The answer is simple – a sports holiday or, as it is now fashionable to call it, a fitness camp. From this article, you will learn what it is, what camps are, and which ones should especially pay attention.

What is the fitness camp?

Usually, a fitness camp is an “all-inclusive” vacation. The word rest in quotes is not accidental, the camps program is rich and very active, with daily workouts, healthy meals, often with lectures and, of course, includes sightseeing, because, among other things, it is also a journey. A trip to such a camp can be a “magic pendel” for those who usually postpone a new life before the never-coming Monday, help to overcome the plateau for those who periodically do, and bring diversity to the training program of experienced athletes.

Sports camps for adults can be on almost any topic: specialized slimming camps, boot camps that were born from the training program for American recruits, dance, acrobatics, yoga camps and various types of extreme sports camps. Having studied Google, we found some really interesting programs that we want to tell you about.

Fitness tours around the world

Every month, a small group goes on an intensive fitness trip to a warm country to cool off at the spa, tighten up the body and learn the basics of creating a personalized training and nutrition plan. Such a tour is useful not only and not so much because it makes them sweat a lot; the most important thing in it is that the organizers teach what to do next, how to make sport an integral part of life. The program is designed for mixed groups, that is, there are not only girls, although usually, women are more interested in sports camps. Moreover, the organizers welcome couples and families; even if one wants to train one, the other will just have a little more free time, and the rest will still be informative and interesting.

Yoga and creativity in Barcelona

Yoga-camp will be interesting to those who have been practicing yoga for a long time and to whom a couple of practice sets a day is easy and not interesting. If you want to develop in different directions, pay attention to the rich and unusual weekly tour “all the best at once”, which is held in Barcelona. A group of 10 people settled in the villa and practiced yoga for a week, learning how to massage, dance and meditate, and at the same time practiced a little in Spanish. All teachers are Russian, so there will be no language barrier, but there will be healthy food, interesting excursions and trekking to the mountains with a tea ceremony at the top.

Dance Tours on Baikal

If you think that dancing is tapping with a leg near the bar counter in anticipation of an interesting acquaintance, you have an excellent chance to radically change your opinion, and at the same time to pump strength, endurance and coordination of movements. Ten days of a powerful summer program in the Pribaikalsky National Park include daily classes with experienced choreographers, master classes in acting and creativity, as well as hiking, quests, theatrical performances and fun parties, of course, with incendiary dances. You can live in tents or in wooden houses.

Surfing, skate and longboard in Portugal

Extreme sport not only trains the body but also gives great pleasure, while it’s not really necessary to risk health. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you can get new skills and adrenaline shake, and, perhaps, get a serious passion for life. Surfing confidently leads the list of moderately extreme but at the same time catchy sports. As it turned out, surf camps can be made even more interesting if you add skiing lessons to the program in a steep skate park overlooking the ocean and walking on a longboard through the city streets.

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