See the whole country from the window or the longest routes on the train

For those who want to extend this magic, and at the same time look at the familiar and not very country from the window, we chose six routes, the trip in which lasts more than three days.

Moscow – Vladivostok (Russia)

Travel time: 144 hours 10 minutes (> 6 days).

Length: 9,288 km.

Train: Russia-branded train.

This is the longest railway passenger route in the world, which also passes through the territory of one country. For the first time, the corporate train “Russia” set off on the route on September 30, 1966. Then the trip took 16 days. Today you will spend two and a half times less on a trip: only six days. On the way, the train will stop at 63 stations, the longest – 35 minutes – will stand in Irkutsk.

The train cars are painted in Russian tricolour with the national emblem. You can buy a ticket in the reserved seat, coupe and CB. The cars have refrigerators, microwaves, showers, electric stoves, hairdryers and irons – in general, the journey is quite comfortable. The staff car is equipped for passengers with reduced mobility. For passengers with children, there is a playroom: a compartment with toys and children’s books.

The train runs every other day, from Moscow it is sent on odd numbers, from Vladivostok – on even numbers. Ticket sales start 45 days before departure.

Dibrugarh – Kanniykumari (India)

Travel time: 82 hours (3.5 days).

Length: 4,233 km.

Train: Vivek Express (Vivek Express).

An excellent chance to drive across India: the train goes from the southern tip (Kanniyakumari town) to the extreme north-east of the country (Dibrugarh). You will pass through Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On the way, the train makes 57 stops.

There are places in classes 2A, 3A and SL on the train. Best place in 2A: similar to our compartments with compartments, but instead of the door to the corridor – a curtain. In such cars there is an air conditioner, in each compartment, there are 2 soft shelves on each side.

In cars, 3A places a class below. Here, too, there is air conditioning, and the layout of the seats is similar to the Russian reserved seat. In the compartment of the reserved seat in three soft shelves, along the aisle – two. Both in 2A and 3A, bedding is included in the ticket price.

SL is the most popular class for passenger travel in India. Such cars can be compared with our reserved seat, only the ceilings are higher here, so the third regiment is also allocated for passenger space. There are no air conditioners in such cars, instead of them there are fans under the ceiling.

Toronto – Vancouver (Canada)

Travel time: 83 hours (3 days 4 hours).

Length: 4,466 km.

Train: The Canadian.

If you want to get to know Canada, it’s best to do it on The Canadian train: it crosses almost the entire country. The train received its name from the famous Canadian Pacific, which ran from 1955 to 1978. Today, a more modern and comfortable Canadian is available to passengers.

Seats are available in three classes: Economy, Sleeper Plus and Prestige. In economic seats: comfortable seats, folding, but three days to go in them is still not too comfortable. The seats in the Sleeper Plus are a bit like the Russian reserved seat, the upper shelves are separated by curtains. Prestige – separate comfortable compartment with toilet and TV. All passengers are also available common cars with panoramic windows.

The train goes through almost the whole country, which, by the way, is not too densely populated, so get ready to see a lot of forests. Passengers say that sometimes moose, deer and even bears come out to the paths. The train stops in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Jasper.

Bangkok – Singapore

Travel time: from Singapore to Bangkok 3 days and 2 nights, from Bangkok to Singapore 4 days and 3 nights.

Length: 2,180 km.

Train: “Orient Express” and “Oriental Express”.

No, this is not the train described in the famous detective story of Agatha Christie (the Orient Express cruised between Paris and Istanbul until 1977). But on this train, you will take an equally exciting journey, and without incident: you will drive half of Southeast Asia. The train will depart from Bangkok, passing through all of Thailand, cross the Kwai River on its way, seize Malaysia, move the Johor Strait and finally arrive in Singapore.

Orient Express is a luxury train. It includes 17 cars with air conditioning and a rich finish. You can choose one of three coupe options: Pullman, State and Presidential. They differ in the level of comfort and price, but each will have its own shower and toilet, as well as huge windows. There is also a general colonial-style wagon, in which you can order cocktails and admire the scenery along with other passengers.

Sydney – Perth (Australia)

Travel time: 65 hours (about 3 days).

Length: 4,500 km.

Train: Indian Pacific (Indian Pacific).

The train that crosses the Australian continent from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Twice a week trains depart from Perth to Sydney. From Sydney to Perth, there are also two trains a week. The whole route is approximately 4,500 kilometres long; the train covers 3 days. The train stops in the capital of the gold miners Kalgoorlie, Rolinne, the deserted town of Cook, Adelaide and Broken Hill. In Kalgoorlie, a one and a half hour bus tour were provided for passengers for a fee. Please note that the train going from Sydney to Perth and the train going in the opposite direction stop in different cities on the way.

In the Indian Pacific train, there are places of two classes – “Gold” and “Platinum”. Previously, there were still seats in the “Red” car, but they decided to give up on them. Now the journey from Sydney to Perth is a luxurious excursion that costs quite a substantial amount.

Shanghai – Lhasa (China)

Travel time: 47 hours and 40 minutes (in fact almost 3 days).

Length: 4,373 km.

The railway connects 8 provinces from east to west, so this is a great chance to drive through the whole country. Conductors on the train speak Chinese, Tibetan and English. In general, remember that the train goes to Tibet (Lhasa is the historical capital of Tibet), so much will be reminded of this amazing place.

Before boarding the train, tourists need to present a special permit to travel to Tibet (permit). On the way, they will check it several more times. Tourists are also asked to fill out a health card: if you have had a heart attack, a stroke, or have any chronic respiratory diseases or heart disease, you will not be allowed to train. The journey still to be in the highland part of the country.

Only one train leaves per day: it departs from Shanghai at 20:10, and from Lhasa at 11:15. According to official information, the train is 47 hours, but in fact, you depart from Shanghai at eight in the evening and arrive in Lhasa at seven in the evening on the third day of travel. Tickets can be bought in two types: Hard Sleeper (something like our reserved seat, in a compartment of 6 shelves) and Soft Sleeper (compartment for 4 people, soft shelves).

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