Medieval castles, Tuscan Riviera and the Alps are the most beautiful cycling routes of Europe

1. Loire Valley (the Loire a Velo) – medieval castles, vineyards, French cuisine and wines

Length: 800 km

Route: Orleans – Tours – Angers – Nantes – Saint-Nazaire

Every year it is driven by 700 thousand travellers. The path passes by the ancient castles of Chambord, Saumur and Chenonceaux, through the Loir-Anjou-Touraine nature reserve with rare birds, and through medieval villages where you can enjoy French cuisine and wines. The Loire cycle track has almost no lifts and excellent infrastructure – you can rent a bike and equipment and pass it at any point of the route. If you are tired and want to shorten the route, then take the Train Velo Loire train. From June 10 to August 27, 2017, it is equipped with an additional car for bicycles.

2. The Tuscan Coast (The Tuscan Coast) – cypress groves, the sea, the Leaning Tower and Elba Island

Length: 317 km

Route: Marina di Carrara – Pisa – Livorno – Grosseto – Kapalbio

This relatively short but very beautiful route follows the ancient Aurelius road past the Etruscan necropolis in Populonia and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, through the pine forests and vineyards. From the Tuscan hills offer beautiful views of the cypress groves, the sea and the medieval villages. The first hundred kilometres of the route passes along the coast, further hills and low mountains begin. A few kilometres from the bike path passes the train line that connects Pisa and Rome, in the summer it is equipped with a bicycle car. Every 25-30 km you will find a hotel/campsite/hostel and a workshop for bicycles.

3. Rhine Cycle Route (Rhine Cycle Route) – Swiss mountain valleys, castles of Germany and Slate Mountains

Length: 1233 km

Route: Andermatt – Basel – Strasbourg – Mannheim – Düsseldorf – Duisburg – Rotterdam

The road goes through the Alpine valleys, near the glaciers and waterfalls, through the cities and villages included in the UNESCO list, through the cliffs and castles of the Rhine Slate Mountains. The route is very long and is suitable for cyclists of any level of preparation – the road is divided into sections of varying difficulty, maps, bicycle races and guidebooks are published every year. In each locality, there are cafes, hotels and repair shops. This year, the Rhine bike path celebrates 200 years – on this occasion will be held exhibitions of old bicycles, festivals, holidays, and even several bicycle parades in different cities.

4. Austrian Danube Bike Path (Danube Bike Path): Baroque abbeys, vineyards, reserves and beautiful Vienna

Length: 320 km

Route: Passau – Linz – Vienna – Bratislava This bike path is the most beautiful and popular part of the huge Danube cycle route that starts in the Alps and goes to Hungary. Most travellers travel along the Danube, so it’s best not to go against the current. On the way, you will see the picturesque bends of the Danube, raging rapids, vineyards of the Wachau, baroque abbeys and castles. Bicycle and equipment can be rented in any city. From May to October, the Rad Tramper Donau train travels from Vienna to Passau, where bicycle transportation is free. Many people prefer to complete the journey, not in Bratislava, but in Vienna, where there are hundreds of bike tours around castles, palaces and parks, including children’s excursions.

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